Benjamin Britt

Ben Britt

General Partner


To help companies succeed, while they shape the global financial services arena and provide people better lives through outstanding products and services.

“I’m a voracious learner, be it cryptographic protocols or product life-cycle assessments, I want to understand all the intricacies that make something work. I’ve led large and small teams and organizations, and understand the challenges of getting individuals to operate as a cohesive whole. I’ve helped organizations solve complex challenges that at the outset had no clear answers. Now I want to bring these learnings, experiences, and expertise to help our companies solve their toughest challenges.”Ben


Seven years as a naval officer and nuclear engineer, and serving aboard the USS Pennsylvania, taught Ben how to operate and lead people in a complex, high-stakes environment. It crystalized for him the importance of a great team—that the contribution of each member working together magnifies the sum of its parts—which translates remarkably well to the business world. His business acumen picks up right where his naval career left off.

At Route 66, Ben works hard for our portfolio companies bringing his unique blend of leadership, strategy, and engineering skills along with deep knowledge of the FinServ and FinTech markets. His focus is on investments in private equity (PE), venture capital (VC), and project finance. Ben joined R66 in 2012.

More on his background:

Previously, Ben was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company, where he advised global organizations on lean operations, strategy, product development, and organizational design. He was co-founder of the start-up, WiseChoice, an innovative, online college planning service that helps high school students, and their families, navigate the complex world of financial aid and college selection. Ben also served in senior roles at Goal Financial, a major student loan originator, and was responsible for capital market transactions, structured finance, financial analysis, and special projects.

He knows what it means to lead people, teams, and projects, having done it successfully in the Navy, as an entrepreneur, and in business. His diverse background, skillset, and professional connections can help your business succeed.

To keep perspective, Ben likes to be doing anything outside. He loves to camp, hike, and fish. He takes his most precious commodity (time) and gives an abundance of it when it comes to family and friends. He serves on the ‘mercy’ committee at his church and is active in its weekly men’s group. He’s also fascinated with books about survivors, like Ernest Shackleton and Peter Freuchen.


  • Focus on investments in private equity, venture capital, and project finance at R66
  • Advised global organizations on strategy, lean operations and product development at McKinsey & Company
  • Co-founder and executive of WiseChoice
  • Responsible for capital markets transactions, structured finance, financial analysis, and special projects at Goal Financial
  • Submarine officer and nuclear engineer in the U.S. Navy

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  • MBA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • MS, University of Maryland—College Park
  • BS, Economics, U.S. Naval Academy (graduated with honors)


Book: Undaunted Courage, Stephen E. Ambrose
Movie: White Squall

Unofficial Superpower:

Resourceful like MacGyver, bare bones camper


Never underestimate the balance between a great product and a great team.

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