Big opportunity for your business – at any stage.

Our focus is on high-growth opportunities at any stage of a company’s life cycle. We seek equity investments in the FinTech or FinServ space – companies and ideas bent on changing the way the world does business. We also fund alternative lending platforms and business models with balance sheet needs by purchasing loans or providing secured debt facilities.

When considering your business proposal, we look at the whole picture and these fundamental characteristics:

  • Long-term trends that are affecting our target markets, including macroeconomic, demographic, consumer behavioral, technological, and regulatory factors that align with and benefit your company.
  • Value proposition that is undeniably attractive to customers or end-users. It may be via the delivery of disruptive products or a focus on underserved markets, often by leveraging new technology or information management capabilities.

Funds to meet your needs.

For venture capital opportunities, our typical minimum investment is $1 million, but we will also selectively invest in earlier stage opportunities. For secured debt facilities, we will typically provide up to $30 million of financing.

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