Onsero Therapeutics

Founded in early 2021 through partnerships with leading US academic institutions, Onsero Therapeutics is a discovery stage biopharmaceutical company that combines a deep understanding of biology and neurocircuitry of the brain with advanced chemistry to develop and discover new therapies. Onsero Therapeutics’ team is working tirelessly to advance their understanding of a broad range of … Continued


Defunkify is an eco-friendly and high performing laundry & home care brand that truly washes the funk out. Using the Company’s ProvenSafe™ process, they have developed products which perform 5 times better in odor removal and up to 80% better in stain removal when compared to traditional brands. Defunkify’s products are also safe for the … Continued


Gilgamesh is a cutting-edge science company focused on using the pharmacology related to psychedelic drugs to make the compounds safe and broadly applicable to treating and curing conditions including depression, anxiety, substance use, and stress-related disorders in an efficient way. 

Vital Bio

Vital’s mission is to design a world where care is radically more personalized, proactive, and accessible. The Company is working to invent and simplify advanced diagnostics, ultimately empowering individuals to prevent disease. Vital is in pursuit of deployable technologies that can redistribute control to patients and empower healthcare professionals in creating better outcomes.

Flume Health

Flume Health is building the first full stack administrator (TPA) for modern, unbundled health plans. Flume’s platform not only administers the plan more efficiently, but uses software to coordinate this new ecosystem in a way that’s consumable to both employers and patients. Flume customers see year one savings of 30+% and a flat cost trend … Continued

Readout Health

Readout Heath is a digital biomarker company that provides first-in-class metabolic insights through breath biosensing. With a patented lung sampling technology, Biosense is a medical-grade ketone monitoring solution for intermittent fasting, weight management, and chronic disease management protocols that utilize nutritional interventions.

Joon Care

Joon Care is the world’s first teletherapy platform designed exclusively for teens and young adults ages 13-24.  Joon delivers a new model for mental health care that integrates the benefits of live one-on-one therapy sessions with a mobile app-based experience. Joon’s clinical team uses an evidence-based, skills-focused approach that is personalized for each individual client.


EarthOptics is building a global soil cloud for more sustainable agricultural management. The Company builds machine-learning technology that provides revolutionary insights into soil health and management.

Parsley Health

Parsley Health is an alternative healthcare service that integrates technology, nutrition, wellness, and prevention into primary care. Using a root-cause, holistic approach that leverages data, technology, and authentic doctor-patient relationships, Parsley Health is a better approach to solving chronic illness.


River is a health and wellness service for young adults. For a low monthly fee, coverage includes access to comprehensive primary care, including women’s healthcare, sexual health, and wellness services.