Ryse Health

Ryse Health’s vision is a world free from the burden of chronic disease. Its tech-enabled type 2 diabetes clinics combine in-person and virtual care from a multi-disciplinary team to drive rapid improvement in cardiometabolic health, preventing hospitalizations and extending lives.


Sensorium Therapeutics is biotechnology company leveraging cutting-edge chemistry, neuroscience, and machine learning to develop nature-inspired psychoactive medicines for mental health. Sensorium’s groundbreaking Biodynamic Discovery PlatformTM rapidly identifies, reproduces, adapts, and enhances targeted molecules and elevates their utility as modern medicines that can deliver transformational benefits to patients around the world.

Reframe Financial

Reframe Financial is focused on helping today’s families prepare for the financial issues of aging. They do this by partnering with the best in the industry to develop new kinds of insurance that address multiple needs, on a state-of-the-art platform that simplifies life, from time of application to when benefits are received. Their disruptive innovations … Continued


Ordaōs is a human-enabled, machine-driven drug design company that helps birth novel therapies to reduce patient suffering, improve health, and extend life. Their flagship solution, mini-PRO™ mini-proteins, enable drug hunters to deliver safer and more effective treatments in a fraction of the time of traditional discovery methods.

Change Foods

Change Foods is creating animal-free dairy foods by leveraging precision fermentation technology, starting with cheese. By harnessing the power of microbes instead of animals to create real dairy proteins and fats, the company is producing animal-free dairy foods that are indistinguishable from their animal-based predecessors in taste and texture, while delivering products that are more … Continued


Resonate is modern meditation that works for you. They make meditation effortless by combining traditional meditation with the power of vibration, sounds and light. Content from the world’s best guides, enhanced by the science of neural entrainment transforms meditation from hard to easy, helping users access deeper levels of consciousness effortlessly – in your home, … Continued


NourishedRx is a passionate team of healthcare professionals, food entrepreneurs, and data scientists united by their belief that nutritious food and social interaction are strong determinants of good health and a life well-lived. Their vision is a world where food is the key to better health outcomes.


Accorded is building the financial trust layer for value-based healthcare. Their actuarial-enabled platform allows healthcare payers and providers to evaluate opportunities, define value-based contract parameters, and measure performance. 


Mine’d is creating the world’s first emotional network. They are a digital platform with human pathos. The Mine’d app connects consumers with top emotional wellness experts and community through daily live and on-demand classes. Their app combines the creator economy with a Peloton-style user experience to reinvent the delivery of emotional wellness experiences.

Grounded Foods

Grounded exists to make plant based cheese more appealing, affordable and accessible to a widespread audience than it’s ever been before. The Company achieves this through a unique fermentation process, which utilizes hemp seed and imperfect cauliflower as core ingredients. This allows them to create products that are delicious, dense in nutritional value, highly scalable and … Continued