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Vemo Education is working with higher education institutions to develop and deploy income-based financing programs, which align the cost of a student’s education with its value.  An education technology company, Vemo provides a full-service approach to its educational partners and has invested in the infrastructure required to design, price, originate, disburse, and service income-based payment products.

Income-based finance applications can enable schools to share some outcome risk with students and graduates by aligning school revenue to student outcomes once they are in the workforce.  Vemo provides solutions that more effectively use existing institutional resources, helping institutions to directly impact graduation and retention rates, improve the enrollment mix, increase competitiveness in recruiting new students, and generate a new revenue stream.

For students and graduates participating in income-based finance programs powered by Vemo, because payments are based on a fixed percentage of salary for a defined period of time, they can pursue career opportunities knowing their payments will always be affordable.

Vemo’s management team is led by industry-recognized experts who have extensive experience in education finance and the financial aid sector.

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