A company whose core values focus on building client wealth, based upon individual, unique, and frequently varying financial needs. Clients also benefit from integrity and beliefs that are transparent, simple, and profitable.

Both innovator and leader, vaamo is the premier next generation automated online investment platform for Germany. Developed in collaboration with Goethe University, in Frankfurt, vaamo offers a scientifically-sound investment strategy for clients of all profiles. Investors can easily tap into solutions by using the vaamo model – making wealth accumulation easily understood, attainable, and lucrative.

Clients can take advantage of an open and simple method to invest money and build wealth. The ability to keep personal financial goals in the foreground without delving through complicated financial products is also an advantage. vaamo clients can access online applications to plan for, track, and achieve goals. And once a client invests funds, vaamo provides a detailed status of goal attainment and recommends adjustments as needed. Services are tailored to meet individual, often changing needs.

“Route 66 is the investor of choice for vaamo: it is great to get guidance from and be challenged by a team of successful serial entrepreneurs and senior executives from the financial services industry that have successfully shown how to master the challenges of building a fast growing business.”
Dr. Thomas Bloch, Co-Founder & CFO, Vaamo

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