Till is a financial services platform that helps renters achieve financial stability and improves residential landlord revenue.

The Company provides residents with (1) credit solutions to pay rent, (2) cash-based loyalty programs, (3) financial education, and (4) access to a suite of financial products.

Till’s mission is to improve sustainable and affordable communities through resident finance.

50% of renter households are cost burdened and experience material cash fluctuations month to month. The majority of households have limited savings to rely on in those periods of financial instability. These personal financial challenges deeply affect the affordable housing crisis which is why Till believes that landlords have a broad responsibility to use the home to better support their residents and community.

The Company’s services allow families to create savings while renting and access fair, affordable credit products. The goal is to provide the very best customer service through compassion, respect, and understanding. All programs include free access to financial literacy videos, budget calculators, and how-to guides so residents are prepared for whatever comes their way.

The home is the foundation for every family, and Till believes it should also be a financial foundation.

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