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Innovators of a vibrant digital insurance platform for Europe, bringing to market damage and extended warranty coverages seamlessly to e-commerce customers. Peace of mind protection is available for a range of consumer products, including mobile devices, PCs, cameras, home electronics, appliances, bicycles, specialty eyewear and more.

Headquartered in Berlin, Simplesurance offers software solutions as an interface for retailers and consumers in the online world. Under the brand Schutzklick, Simplesurance enables customers to purchase product insurance (accidental damage protection and extended warranties) online with a few clicks.

Coverage made easy and convenient

Upon checkout at their favorite online retailer, customers can purchase a desired insurance product with minimal effort. Simplesurance coverage is available for purchase on items at hundreds of online stores, and directly from the company’s website. Customers feel secure knowing they can quickly and easily acquire the ideal coverage to protect or extend the life of their new product.

Whether it’s product damage, operator error or a loss due to theft, the scope of protection goes far beyond the original guarantee and warranty of the product. Additionally, the company’s online management and claims systems provide customers with an entirely paperless claim process.

Simplesurance operates in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, with continued international expansion plans on the horizon.

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