Customer relationship software and payment management technology designed from the ground-up to help clients work smarter, creating an interactive, personal fitness or gym experience. Clients gain ease of doing business while expanding relationships with members.

Redefining revenue management for gyms and fitness clubs, Motionsoft™ enables industry-leading providers to acquire, keep, and know their members better. Facility and payment technologies with advanced member, facility, and payment management technologies helps simplify business. Tools range from Facebook integration and mobile services to on-demand reporting and online member payment solutions.

Motionsoft is industry-specific, membership software assisting commercial gyms, corporations, hospitals, hotels, and universities manage people, facilities, billing, and operations. It creates a fluid, exceptional experience for members.

Additionally, there’s no more learning multiple programs, complicated troubleshooting, or conflicting data or information to decipher. Each program is configured to meet the appropriate check-in, inventory, member contracts, and scheduling needs for clients.

Manage club needs quickly:

  • Oversee member and staff needs
  • Streamline check-in, facility, and billing operations
  • Make smart, actionable decisions with reporting tools
  • 24/7 virtual access with myClub and Online Scheduler


From Facebook integration and mobile services to on-demand reporting and online member payment solutions, Motionsoft is leading the way.

  • MyClub: easily add member services and sales to your site
  • Advanced Reporting: turn data into business intelligence
  • MoSoPay Billing: Operate with financial confidence

For an organization looking to maximize revenues, minimize expenses, and improve member retention rates, Motionsoft can offer guidance and easy-to-manage solutions.

“From the moment we first connected with the team at Route 66 we knew that we had met a group of investors who had the energy, intellect and most importantly thoughtfulness to help us drive our company to the next level. They also have a team who are accessible and always available to serve as a sounding board.”
Al Noshirvani, CEO, Motionsoft

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