Clearmatics is developing the next-generation clearing machines for financial OTC markets. Its blockchain platform brings together custodians and end-users on a single platform, where members can settle securities trades and automate the performance of derivatives and other financial contracts using our Decentralised Clearing Network (DCN) technology.

Clearmatics brings many advantages to participants: permissionless innovation in financial contracts, settlement finality, counterparty and execution risk mitigation, transparency for regulators and auditors, lower operating costs and capital requirements, amongst others.

At the core of its DCN technology are smart contracts, deals expressed in computer code that debit and credit distributed asset ledgers when executed. Counterparts execute a smart contract using cryptographic signature, and because our DCN hosts a Turing-complete programming language, counterparts can code any custom contract, making it possible for permissionless innovation in the design of new derivative contracts, where the buy-side can create new tradable products themselves.

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