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For R66 to become the leading global investor in the flourishing FinServ and FinTech ecosystem, while assisting portfolio companies in achieving their maximum potential.

“Calm and focused; I’ll help wherever I can so our portfolio companies can attain their goals. I enjoy financial analysis and am a strategic thinker. But numbers are just part of the story. At the end of the day, it’s the people who determine the success of any venture.”Dan


Dan is a Partner at Route 66, where his focus is on venture capital investment opportunities and portfolio management. By reviewing a company’s management team, value proposition, market opportunity and growth potential, he identifies prospects to keep our expanding portfolio strong. Dan works closely with each of our companies, assisting in a variety of capacities and goal attainment.

Prior to joining Route 66 in 2013, Dan worked in capital markets, investment banking, and various operational roles. Most recently, he worked for Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York, specializing in M&A and equity and debt offerings.

More on his background:

Dan recognizes the potential of this generation’s entrepreneurs – to provide the means for everyone, everywhere to better manage their financial lives. An advocate for the underdog, Dan loves a story about those who find success in hard work. For those reasons, he’s passionate about R66 and respects the amount of time we devote to our companies. It’s this partnership role with our companies he appreciates most – while providing guidance on market conditions, and how to manage, lead, and revise strategy.

He also believes strongly in giving back, having experienced first-hand the ripple effect of volunteerism. Prior to earning his MBA, Dan volunteered full-time for City Year Washington DC, an AmeriCorps organization whose aim is to increase graduation rates in high-poverty communities. Dan completed over 1,500 hours of volunteer service in eight elementary and secondary public schools in Washington, tutoring at-risk youth and leading several community events for 500+ local citizens to beautify school grounds and facilities.

When he’s not knee-deep in deal origination or portfolio management, Dan enjoys basketball, golf, and tennis and is a Tar Heels, Yankees, and Knicks fan. He likes to read, particularly non-fiction history. Growing up in a vibrant Italian and Puerto Rican household, Dan credits his family roots to his natural love for traveling.


  • Focuses on venture capital investment opportunities at R66
  • Skilled in financial analysis and strategic thinking
  • Former investment banker, executing dozens of M&A transactions and capital raises in boutique and bulge-bracket environments
  • City Year Washington DC Corps member, tutoring at-risk youth and leading environmental and facility beautification projects
Board Member:

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Board Observer:
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  • MBA, Georgetown University McDonough School of Business (Merit Scholar)
  • BS, Business Administration, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (minor in Public Policy)


Book: Alexander Hamilton, Ron Chernow; The Road, Cormac McCarthy
Movie: The Dark Knight (and anything else by Christopher Nolan)

Unofficial Superpower:

Numbers guru, history buff


If you’re going through hell, keep going. ~ Winston Churchill

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