D3 Banking


A company dedicated to providing next-generation, omni-channel digital banking services for regional banks and credit unions in the U.S. to meet ever-evolving consumer demand. Also offering a comprehensive set of financial services to individuals and small businesses.

Based on the belief that FinServ technology is not delivering the appropriate amount of convenience or control, Data Driven Digital™ Banking (D3 Technology) offers the solution for financial institutions and their customers. D3 Banking replaces disparate, bolt on, legacy systems with a modern technology stack and proven data engine. This technology enables FIs to deliver personalized products and services – anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Simplifies Complex IT Environments

Additional services and means of access via the Internet can create multiple, often confusing digital channels for FIs. In the past, various suppliers and an over-abundance of technical approaches complicated operations, limiting flexibility. D3 Banking simplifies the IT environment. It integrates the digital delivery channels as well as contrasting internal and external systems.

Unique to D3 Banking, institutions can build customizable profiles regularly updated with patent-pending algorithms and cutting-edge systems. Using data analytics, FIs use the information, along with transactional data from other areas (i.e., money movement) to better understand customer needs and deepen relationships. D3 can also assist in creating personalized marketing campaigns that utilize specific data about each customer for exclusive upsell opportunities based on need.

D3 Banking benefits:

  • Consistent branding and user experience across all digital channels
  • Upsell personalized products via data mining
  • Configure banking services for individual platform needs
  • Adaptive user interface using responsive web design
  • Accommodates any device or preferred customer channel
  • Simplified, improved money movement and money management for end-user
“Route 66 is a venture investor that creates value by supporting and encouraging the people in whom they invested. Their knowledge of the financial services space and their way of doing business are an excellent match for us. They enabled us to raise our largest round of capital quickly at a time when our company was ready to accelerate its efforts to capture more market share. With Route 66 as our partner, our company is well positioned for achieving our goal of disrupting and reshaping how banks and credit unions deliver financial services through their digital channels.”
Mark Vipond, President & CEO, D3 Banking

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