Connecting companies and investors in big ways.

We specialize in various sectors of the FinServ space, including:
  • Asset management
  • Lending
  • Capital markets
  • Insurance
  • Payments
  • Blockchain technology and crypto platforms
We are stage-agnostic concerning your business model and will review:
  • B2B, B2C, B2B2C models
  • FinTech disruptors that compete against financial services incumbents
  • FinTech service providers helping financial services incumbents compete and stay relevant
We are passionate about companies with a focus on:
  • Unbundling of traditional financial services offerings
  • New analytics platforms that leverage ‘big data’ and apply machine learning technologies
  • Asset management needs of mass affluent and high net worth customers
  • Democratization of wealth management
  • Non-bank lending and transaction services
  • Vertical SaaS business models
  • Marketplaces, networks, and exchanges
  • Disruptive technologies in payment services (direct debit platforms, mobile payment processing)

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