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We invest equity & debt

We provide venture capital and credit solutions.  We are also a source of evergreen capital, so you can access funds at various stages of business development. This approach allows us to be patient at investing, with no pressure to deploy capital – and patient with investments, with no pressure to liquidate. It also gives you more flexibility.

We are investors AND mentors

We are privileged to work with a talented group of portfolio companies, entrepreneurs, and peer investors. We can help our companies refine business or revenue models, formulate expansion ideas, or launch go-to-market strategies. We can also assist with HR and organizational issues such as team building and integration and performance management.

As a portfolio company, you’ll benefit from:

  • Injection of capital, which spearheads meaningful growth, leading to new research or technology expansion.
  • Management expertise for more robust plans and improved processes.
  • Investor reach, which provides convenient access to the next level of funding.

Collaborators benefit, too. Deal flow is high and balanced, with an established stream of proposals and exiting investments. Peer investors can feel confident that their investments are managed by industry experts.

Are you a disruptor?

If you share our passion for transforming financial services and are looking to take the next step with your FinServ idea, or if you want to invest in a group of cutting-edge FinTech companies, contact us.

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