Stella Li


Credit Analyst


To help Route 66 make debt investment decisions through use of data and understanding the softer nature of what motivates borrowers.

“I always reference my engineering roots by applying theoretical ideas and knowledge to best understand the challenges at hand.  I can dissect problems and propose solutions that suit a scenario’s unique parameters.  Further, with debt products, success is often achieved by understanding the human component; understanding this motivates me to learn and contribute every day.”Stella


Stella is a credit analyst at Route 66, where she focuses on specialty finance and structured credit investments.  She enjoys taking an in-depth view of how loans will perform using quantitative and qualitative methodologies.  Stella believes in using traditional and innovative data sources to supplement her analysis, and is always on the lookout for creative ways to apply information.

Prior to Route 66, Stella built an enterprise analytics platform for marketplace lending as Director of Product at PeerIQ.  She utilized seven years of debt experience to develop a risk system to assess marketplace loan performance and facilitate loan valuation.  Prior to PeerIQ, Stella spent five years as a credit analyst at the investment firm Angelo, Gordon & Co., in the structured products and whole loan groups.  She also previously wrapped corporate and municipal bonds and worked on the financial products desk at Financial Security Assurance.

More on her background:

Stella looks to leverage her diverse experience to conduct the highest level of due diligence on Route 66’s debt investments.  Her years as a credit analyst trained her to be thorough and precise, while her time at an early stage fin-tech start-up taught her to be nimble and resourceful.  She values the relationships she has built throughout her career and has made life-long friends of prior salespeople and competitors alike.

When she’s not working, Stella enjoys running and spending time with animals.  Previously, she was a volunteer medic at a cat shelter, and she hopes to have a dog one day.  Stella also loves traveling and eating, two hobbies she likes to combine into food-based marathon explorations of new cities and cultures.  For now, Stella’s newest hobbies are driving and biking, two important life skills she never quite learned growing up in NYC — but hopes to master before first snow.

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