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To build the premier global provider of liquidity and credit to emerging specialty finance companies.

“I pursue excellence for its own sake, and seek mutually rewarding experiences with like-minded partners. We apply that philosophy to all of our investments.”Jim


Jim oversees credit opportunities at Route 66, including investments in debt, whole loans, and other fixed income instruments.  He has 24 years of experience operating entrepreneurial firms and leading large, complex finance functions at major financial services companies.  Before taking on an investing role at Route 66, Jim was the CFO of The American Home (TAH), a company controlled by Route 66 which acquired, renovated, and leased single-family homes.  At TAH, Jim transformed a high-growth, operationally intensive business into an efficient, cash flow-positive enterprise.  Most recently, he guided the sale of TAH’s portfolio of approximately 2500 homes for $263 million, one of the largest single-family rental real estate transactions ever.  Before joining TAH, Jim was Chief Investment Officer at Goal Financial and managed the company’s $8 billion student loan portfolio, which consistently generated operating profits exceeding $100 million annually during his tenure.  Prior to Goal Financial, Jim was the head of financial risk management at Capital One Financial Corp., where he overhauled management of a $200 billion balance sheet, enabling the company to evolve from a credit card company to a top-10 U.S. bank.  Prior to Capital One, he led the corporate finance and asset/liability management departments at Fannie Mae, and developed strategy for the company’s mortgage investment portfolio.

More on his background:

Jim has traveled a career path from very large, industry-leading companies to progressively smaller, more entrepreneurial organizations.  He can provide insight on best practices in financial management and operations learned at industry gorillas, and on how to deploy these practices in younger organizations.  His experiences can be valuable to any company with whom Route 66 partners, including entrepreneurs who seek debt or equity capital and loan originators who seek liquidity.

Jim enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, and is proud that his wife still speaks to him after more than 20 years of marriage. He has built a wine collection of 1700 bottles and intends to drink every bottle, though not in one sitting.


  • Responsible for credit opportunities at Route 66
  • Guided The American Home to cash flow-positive status and oversaw the sale of its portfolio for $263 million in one of the largest-ever single-family rental real estate transactions
  • Managed an $8 billion student loan portfolio at Goal Financial, generating operating profits exceeding $100 million annually
  • Headed financial risk management of Capital One’s $200 billion balance sheet
  • Received Treasury & Risk magazine’s Alexander Hamilton Award for Excellence in Financial Risk Management while at Capital One
  • Led the asset/liability management and corporate finance departments at Fannie Mae


  • BA, Economics, University of Virginia (Highest Distinction)
  • MBA, University of Chicago Booth School of Business


Book: Battle Cry of Freedom, by James McPherson
Movie: Field of Dreams

Unofficial Superpower:

Wine guru, jazz lover


Enjoy the adventure, because it truly is the journey rather than the destination that’s most worthwhile.

Executive Assistant:  Amber Alexander

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