Jay He

Jay He


To help Route 66 identify and evaluate investment opportunities with asymmetric risk-adjusted return profiles.

“I don’t plan for where I see myself in ten years. It’s the excitement of not knowing what I can accomplish that motivates me to do my best every day.”Jay


Jay is an analyst at Route 66 who specializes in researching, analyzing, and executing investments in whole loans and structured credit instruments in the specialty finance sector. His experience on PNC’s Asset-Backed Finance team, a group that has not taken a dollar loss in any of its investments since inception, has taught him the importance of risk management. At Route 66, Jay applies a disciplined approach to assessing and managing the downside risk of investments. He believes that superior long-run outperformance can be achieved by effectively managing and mitigating short-term risk.

Prior to joining Route 66, Jay worked for three years as an investment banking analyst at PNC Capital Markets in the Asset-Backed Finance group, where he specialized in structuring and analyzing investments in consumer and commercial Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) and Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs).

More on his background:

He will be starting a wine collection with 2 bottles and does not intend to drink any until he has more bottles than Jim’s collection.


  • BS in Industrial Engineering (summa cum laude), Northwestern University


Movie: The Man From Earth
Book: Against the Gods, by Peter L. Bernstein

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