A free mobile app and debit card that makes saving money as easy as spending it. Digital banking at its best, it offers the customer versatility, convenience, and the empowerment to spend and budget wisely.

Moven is a debit account that tracks spending and purchases. Notifications are sent instantly along with the respective expense category, giving end-users a precise view of spending patterns. Moven is perfect for those who want to track spending or other financial goals, like paying off debt or saving for a special purpose. It also helps end-users be mindful and make decisions about money when it matters most — before they spend it. With daily feedback and instant receipts, users can review and improve their financial health with every spending decision.

Users simply download the free Moven app and sign up for a free FDIC-insured account. Moven will mail a debit card and wireless sticker enabling customers to pay by card or phone at retailers that accept MasterCard™ or MasterCard PayPass™. Whether it’s groceries, dining out, shopping or entertainment, Moven automatically analyzes spending and provides instant feedback.

Pay a Facebook friend

Users can make transfers, send money to friends, and utilize social media networks for transfers or payments at no cost. They also enjoy access to 42,000 ATMs with no surcharges, no monthly fees, and no overdraft charges. The consumer reaps significant savings in the most convenient way.

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Brett King, Founder & CEO, Moven

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