A next-generation investment management firm, Hedgeable makes sophisticated investing simple, accessible, and affordable for everyone – not just the super-wealthy. The company’s tactical approach also manages risk to protect client assets with the science to completely customize accounts.

A team of like-minded entrepreneurs founded Hedgeable in 2009 at the height of the financial crisis. During this period, average Americans lost nearly 40% of their net-worth – compared to wealthier Americans who lost less than half that amount. In the past, only the more affluent had access to prominent, effective investing options. Hedgeable was created to change that by offering affordable, innovative, and robust solutions to its fellow working-class Americans. These options not only build wealth, but also improve and protect an individual’s financial well-being and comfort.

The Hedgeable platform automates a sophisticated, leading investment approach now available to everyone – without the high fees, high account minimums, or headaches. Two diverse programs can meet the needs of any account size or type, investor demographic, risk level, or goal.

Hedgeable clients also have access to an easy-to-use analytics platform where they can view account holdings and dozens of live risk and performance stats. Here, they can make IRA contributions, allocate custom benchmarking, update profiles, view multimedia, and more. Hedgeable is full-service, offering options designed around each investor’s inimitable and evolving needs.

Unique bitcoin platform

A revolutionary feature, Hedgeable is fully-integrated with fellow industry disruptor Coinbase, the world’s leading bitcoin platform. Through its Plus Program, the managed digital currency position is offered free. Individuals also have the option to own bitcoin as a piece of their portfolio.

“It is great to work with a team that has built a successful financial services firm and knows what it takes to build the next one!”
Michael Kane, CEO, Hedgeable

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